#Blessed - Matinee

Fri Apr 26, 15:00 - Sat Apr 27, 17:00
East London Arts Theater


Jen Bryson Moorcroft Theatre and Cornerstone Anti Human Trafficking Institute are proud to bring you their second original social justice theatre production, following on from the success of Hold For Release.


Featuring Unathi Ngada as Precious, Sinelizwi Teka as Lisa and Jo-Ann De Klerk as Megan, as well as a passionate and talented team, #Blessed asks important questions in this dynamic piece of drama:

Have you been #blessed? The question is, by whom? #Blessed interrogates the relationships between blessers and blessees (or sugar daddies and sugar babies on steroids) in youth aspirational culture in the Eastern Cape. After each performance there will be a post-play discussion where audience members can join in the conversaation with actors and experts in the field.


Show Synopsis

Set in East London, at a school that could be any school, #Blessed follows the story of three girls: Precious, Lisa and Megan. Precious chose books and Lisa chose looks. Megan didn’t have a choice at all. But when Lisa hooks up with local taxi driver, Skha, and decided to add him to her “roster”; things get a little complicated between the friends. Lisa’s lifestyle is #goals and the other girls can’t help but feel jealous. Studying and going to church just isn’t as glamorous as parties, perfect poses and baecations. But all that glitters isn’t gold…meanwhile, schoolboy Siseko is stuck firmly in the friendzone and falling in love is far too expensive…


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#Blessed - Matinee
East London Arts Theater
51 Paterson St, Arcadia, East London, 5201
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