125th Birthday Memorabilia Sale

Fri Apr 5, 13:00 - Fri Apr 12, 13:00
Rustenburg Girls' High School Marketing Office


This is your chance to own some of the Rustenburg 125th Birthday memorabilia given as gifts to those who attended our Founders' Day on 15 March.

Bamboo straws - the perfect alternative to plastic straws, bamboo straws are handmade, biodegradable and reusable, and emblazoned with the school's four values. These bamboo straws are lightweight, durable and also toxin and varnish free. They are selling for R30 each.

Succulent in pot - a variety of succulents, each one in its own biodegradable pot, branded with Rustenburg's 125 Birthday logo. These succulents are hardy and sun-loving, needing very little water or fertiliser to keep going. They are selling for R50 each.

RustyBug 125 Keyring - laser etched onto plywood, and branded with the Rustenburg Bug, these keyrings sell for R40 each.


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