Smile-in-Action – Reach for a Dream

Wed Feb 27, 13:50 - Wed Feb 27, 16:00


Smile-in-Action aims to raise R250 000 in support of the Reach for a Dream Foundation.

These funds will enable 95 children to attend Reach for a Dream’s 2019 Camp Sunshine and Family Focus camps.

You can contribute, from as little as R10, towards Smile-in-Action – Reach for a Dream by making a donation here.

Thank you for your generosity – together we can touch the lives of these special children, inspire hope and encourage them to use their dreams to fight the life-threatening diseases they’re faced with every day.

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About Reach for a Dream

Since 1988 the Reach for a Dream Foundation, has brought hope, joy and healing to South African children. These children (referred to as dreamers) between the ages of 3 and 18 years fight life-threatening illnesses such as cancer, cystic fibrosis, muscular dystrophy, kidney failure and blood disorders.

The Reach for a Dream Foundation’s mission is to encourage children to use their dreams to fight life-threatening illnesses and inspire hope.

They achieve this through various projects, which inspire hope and allow dreamers to break out from their challenging circumstances … projects like Camp Sunshine and Family Focus.

Camp Sunshine

Camp Sunshine is a weekend away where the emphasis is placed on team work and building social skills. Children with similar medical challenges are drawn together in days of fun, spent outdoors where their illnesses are set aside. The children learn social skills in peer group settings which is an imperative step in their lives as their social interaction is often limited to interaction with doctors and their family only. The camp also nurtures confidence and problem solving skills, overcoming obstacles as part of a team. The name Camp Sunshine describes the camp perfectly as the weekend is truly filled with joy, sunshine and laughter.

Family Focus

No family expects a child to be diagnosed with a life threatening illness, and once the diagnosis has been made the entire family’s reality changes. The new family dynamic often strains the relationships of parents with their children and of siblings with each other. Families often become isolated, limiting their movements to the proposed treatment plan. Family Focus aims to alleviate these challenges by offering families a chance to rebuild their relationships and meet other families experiencing similar circumstances. The weekend is filled with activities, focusing on the entire family enjoying a day of fun, where illnesses are forgotten. Here relationships are built, friendships are formed and an escape from the hospital and its associated worries is achieved.

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