GOLDRULE Network Roadshow - Middelburg

Sat May 18, 09:00 - Sat May 18, 16:00
Eagle Inn (


As a precious metal, gold is sought after because of it's rarity.

Due to the limited supply available gold is seen as a store of value that cannot be manipulated like other assets and currencies.

Gold has earned a reputation as being a hedge against inflation and it is well earned.

Since inflation means the decrease in the value of FIAT (paper, un-backed by metals) money, people turn to assets that proved to be money throughout history - gold and silver.

Does the gold price move up as the price of goods goes up you may ask, the answer is yes, or it would not be a hedge against inflation if it didn't.

Gold's inflation hedging ability means it maintains it's value over time, hence it protects against the depreciation of the regular fiat currencies.

At our GOLDRULE Network seminars we will show you how to make gold investment one of your passive income streams.

You will also learn:

  1. How to beat inflation
  2. Generate income
  3. Save in gold, and
  4. Particpate in a gold-backed payment system


GOLDRULE Network Roadshow - Middelburg
Eagle Inn (
Vaalbank-B, Libangeni, 1055
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