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Date: 10th August 2019

Time: 9:00am to 1pm

Venue: National Botanical Gardens, Pretoria.

Join author, conservationist and speaker, Jonathan Leeming for 4 hour seminar on venomous animal bites and stings. This seminar is ideal for anyone concerned about snake bite, spider bite, scorpion stings, bee & wasp stings, centipede bites, sting ray and stonefish stings, jellyfish stings.

In this seminar, Jonathan will cover the following:

  • Roles and responsibilities of the first responder.
  • 4 Principles of living or working where venomous animals occur.
  • Zone risk assessment.
  • Introduction to venomous animals.
  • Antivenom.
  • Snake bite and responding to an emergency.
  • Spider bites and responding to an emergency.
  • Scorpion stings and responding to an emergency.
  • Bee & wasp stings and responding to an emergency.
  • Centipede bites and responding to an emergency.
  • Aquatic vertebrate envenomation and responding to an emergency.
  • Aquatic invertebrate envenomation and responding to an emergency.
  • Emergency Response Plan.

The First Responder to is essential for:

  • Field guides and lodge staff.
  • Wildlife estate residents.
  • Hunters.
  • Hikers.
  • Outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Anyone concerned about venomous animals.


  • Venomous animal awareness posters.
  • Emergency protocols.
  • Emergency response plan template.
  • Certificate of attendance.

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Jonathan Leeming is a unique individual. Born in England in 1970, he was fortunate to have been bought up in a family who encouraged an understanding and appreciation of all aspects of the natural world. Fascinated by those creatures that bite and sting, his journey through a world that so many fear yet few understand began. In 2003, he wrote Scorpions of southern Africa, which gave him the leverage and a platform to be seen and heard. Jonathan quickly became the venomous animal go-to-guy. He has written 9 books, spoken in 11 countries on subject such as antivenom management, snakebite, scorpion stings, spider bite, risk assessment and first aid.

When and where?

Environmental Education Centre, National Botanical Gardens.

Sat 10 Aug 2019 at 9:00 AM (SAST)
Sat 10 Aug 2019 at 1:00 PM (SAST)

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