TT Pint for a Purpose with Jack Black

Thu Jan 9, 09:15 - Sat Dec 31, 23:00


Welcome to the Tuesday Trails Pint for a Purpose with Jack Black Beer

With the rush of work traffic, the pressure to make the 6pm start and perhaps a little bit of a lack of understanding of the culture behind the beers at TT we thought we'd create an easier way to donate beers, this is super easy and if you'd prefer to bring ice cold beers instead that's totally cool too.

How it works:

Jack Black Beer will donate a second case of beer every week, BUT read carefully please, it's not for "free" we need you to donate to the fund via this fundraiser page, the money will also go towards the PINT FOR A PURPOSE cause we all decide on. This is designed to make it easier to buy beers and bring ice every week, we'll take care of it but your obligation is still there.

Easy hey, we think so too.

What should I do and how do we buy beers:

The culture around beers or anything refreshing for that matter is something that's gone hand in hand with Tuesday Trails, we encourage people to bring beers/drinks after having attended a few TT's. It's not something we check up on rather a karma and honesty system that doesn't need monitoring. We all adults and friends so you only screwing your mates if you decide to not "bring a few beers" . Lately it's proven harder with numbers increasing to communicate the process and beers have been in short supply. Hence why we've initiated the fund, making it easier and simpler for you to be cool and share the love.

We thank you for being TT Rad!!!

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