Mpumalanga - 2 Day Hike

Sat Jun 15, 05:00 - Sun Jun 16, 13:00


The area is very rugged and scenic. The trail takes in the most beautiful areas of the farm. This trail is an accredited 2 day circular hiking trail and it known for its spectacular scenic beauty and is considered one of the best ‘weekend break’ hiking trails.

This 2 day (16km) hike and it requires some level of fitness. It is graded from moderate. You must at least attend three preparatory hikes prior the expedition. You should have NO injuries and must be fit and healthy to complete this hike.

Event Date: 15 - 16 June 2019

Province: Mpumalanga

Start Time: 07:00

Estimated End Time: 14:00

Grading: Difficult

R2700: transfer, rustic accom, meals; and

R2000: rustic accom, meals

Actvyt Offers:

Lunch packs (including sandwiches, fruits, energy bar, water and refresher drinks) and finishing medals. The hike will be guided by a certified fitness coach with an Advanced First Aid level. (There are also refreshments breaks along the trail).

But it EXCLUDES: hiking equipment and carrying your hiking gear during the hike (Porter services).


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