Vredefort Dome 7km & 13km Hike

Sat Apr 13, 05:00 - Sat Apr 13, 12:00
Parys, Vredefort Dome


The Vredefort Dome Meteorite Hiking Trails is a system of Green Flag routes that cover a 60km area in the Vredefort Dome World Heritage area of the Northern Free State, near Parys.

The trail has rewarding views of the vast valley below with hills that stretch as far as the eye can see.

Event Date: 13 April 2019

Province: Free State

Start Time: 05:00

Estimated End Time: 12:00

Grading: Beginners (Easy) - Moderate

Actvyt Offers:

Fruits, an energy bar, water, refresher drinks and finishing medals. The hike will be guided by a certified fitness coach with an Advanced First Aid level. (There are also water points along the trail).


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