Remote Retrospectives Workshop (World Retro Day)

Wed Feb 27, 20:00 - Wed Feb 27, 21:45


The complexity of remote working is ushering in a wave of fresh ideas and thinking for facilitators. How do you read the room in the absence of body language? How do you create focus and enable collaboration in a space where distractions abound? It is clear that the rising trend of remote working presents a unique challenge for facilitators.

This workshop will zoom in on retrospectives, teaching you new techniques designed to enable authentic connection, safety and engagement in remote retrospectives. We will focus on practical facilitation techniques that will significantly improve your remote retrospectives. We’ll have achieved our purpose if you leave excited about the opportunities you previously had seen as challenges.

Prior experience/knowledge required:

  • Familiar with retrospectives
  • Basic fluency in facilitation theory

*Please note we will not be covering the basics in either of these domains and as such it is strongly recommended that only those with some prior experience attend.

What you’ll need:

  • Zoom:
  • A computer or laptop to access the links we will send on the day (A phone or tablet will not suffice due to the nature of the engagement required)
  • A pen and some paper
  • A quiet space where you may focus and feel safe
  • Total time = 1hr 45 mins

About the facilitators:

This workshop will be run by Jay-Allen Morris and Kirsten Clacey, Agile Facilitators currently living in Cape Town. These two ladies have developed a passion for creating safe and engaging remote spaces. They have spoken at the following events on this topic:

  • Scrum Gathering SA 2018
  • Let's Test SA 2018
  • SUGSA October Meetup

*PLEASE NOTE: This workshop will be a repeat of the morning session, held at 08h00 GMT +2h00


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