Fri Feb 15, 18:30 - Fri Dec 6, 22:00


We create human connections in curated spaces with a unique take on food lifestyle.

We host intimate experiences, food cooked with passion and created to inspire connections.

Served is a food lifestyle experience that hosted at various contemporary spaces.

Each space encompasses the brand and the core values of Served; Cuisine at

its best.

Each event we will create a secret menu for the evening which will always be paired with a delicious drink.

Connection is a core value of what Served is about. Not only do we love to connect with others,

but we enjoy connecting people with each other.

All humans have a deep desire to connect with something, be it music, a place human or a

moment. Served is the platform, where every moment is an opportunity to connect.

Be Served. Feel good. Create connections.


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