WYW SA - Pretoria Weekly Preview

Tue Jan 22, 19:00 - Tue Dec 10, 21:00
Colbyn Golf Park

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Build Wealth with Passive Income Streams

Most people have heard of residual or passive income, but don't actually know what it is and how you can use it to build wealth with a little effort and a whole of knowledge.

How do YOU get started?

It’s easy. We’re going to connect you with coaches that have used our business models to grow their own wealth. This 2 Hour (19:00-21:00) Act & Grow Rich Event taking place in PRETORIA weekly! Here’s the knowledge you’ll leave with:

Using residual income to create passive income streams can be the key to financial freedom, so transform a dream into reality with planning and focus and by using tried and tested wealth building strategies.

What you will learn at this event:

  • What Passive Income is
  • How to use residual income to create passive income streams
  • How to get started with Bitcoin and Crypto Currencies in Africa and Globally using Safe and Secure Platforms
  • How to invest in property
  • How to trade on the global markets
  • How to hedge yourself against the upcoming Global Financial Crisis
  • How to invest in Gold
  • Industry expert, tips, tricks and strategies that no one else is using


WYW SA - Pretoria Weekly Preview
Colbyn Golf Park
58 Kilnerton Rd, Koedoespoort 456-Jr, Pretoria, 0083, South Africa
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