ILUKULUKU - Temple of Curiosity at Afrika Burn 2019 Presents: A Night in Wonderland.

Thu Feb 7, 19:30 - Fri Feb 8, 02:00

Wonderland Club


Help bring our Afrika Burn 2019 art structure to life by joining us at the fundraiser and launch of our crowdfunding campaign. 

With a feast of local DJ talent, A Night in Wonderland with ILUKULUKU - Temple of Curiosity, will draw you away from the default world and into the realm of curious places and spaces.


Incense Altar

9pm-11ish Rob Toca

11ish:-12:30ish Sacred Sun

12:30-2ish Terrasoul

Temple Inner Court

9-11ish Shift Malewele

11-1ish Dylan Munro

Join us in these curious places and spaces, embarking on a journey towards the dust. Engage with us, creating the crop marks in the sand. Then come with us as we search for the space between the ephemeral and eternal.

Although fleeting, existing only briefly, ILUKULUKU will leave a powerful, everlasting imprint on your heart. 


Ilukuluku - Temple of Curiosity is an art structure, currently being built for Afrika Burn 2019.

About our Tribe:

ILUKULUKU is supported by a great number of friends, partners and sponsors. Each and every one of them has committed to the tribe in order to realise the vision of enhancing the effectiveness of Tankwa Town.

If you want to support ILUKULUKU, we love to tell you more about how you can get involved. RSVP to [email protected] if you’d like to attend our art structure presentation and launch of our crowdfunding campaign.

We hope you’ll join our tribe in creating this place of belonging and be part of seeing it come to life. 


R120 on Quicket*

R150 at the door*

*Your gift to us raises the ILUKULUKU - Temple of Curiosity at Afrika Burn 2019 off the ground. All proceeds go towards the material costs, wood, paint and the infrastructure of our art structure.


ILUKULUKU - Temple of Curiosity at Afrika Burn 2019 Presents: A Night in Wonderland.
Wonderland Club
9 Albertus St, Zonnebloem, Cape Town, 7925, South Africa
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