Introduction to WordPress Webinar

Sat Jan 12, 10:00 - Sat Jan 12, 12:30


This Introduction to WordPress Webinar will teach you everything you need to know to be able to manage or create your WordPress site!


* Themes! How to choose a good theme, installation and customizations.

* Plugins! What is a plugin, how to choose a plugin, installation and optimization

* How to manage your plugins & themes to keep your WordPress site running optimally 

* Menus! Create, edit and do some cool things with your menus.

* Widgets! What are they? How to use them. 

* WordPress Security! How to keep your WordPress secure at all times from those pesky Hackers!


Deb is a Front-End Developer who specialises in WordPress. Not only does she spend her days building everything from the classiest to the quirkiest of websites, but she lectures at a local colleges teaching the full-time students and part-time students how to build their own. As well as giving talks around Tech and Women in Tech.

Code Saloon has created a series of webinars designed to empower you. The interactive webinars, which will touch on everything from how to manage your WordPress site, to understanding the basics of UX/UI, to how to create a successful eCommerce site and more, will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to move forward with confidence.


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