Peaky Blinders fancy dress party at Holy Smoke

Fri Apr 26, 21:00 - Sun Apr 28, 02:00
42 Canterburry streeet, Zonnebloem.


Birmingham, 1920, Thomas Shelby and his misfit gang of brothers, the Peaky Blinders, control the city. Their mantra of making their way to the top by any means necessary mirrors the rebellious nature of the prohibition time.

In collaboration with the Peaky Blinders, Holy Smoke presents its first fancy dress event where guests will be transported to their favourite pub, the Garrison.

With specials on champagne, whiskey, gin and cigars, the evening demands the appropriate attire so come in your best representation of this defiant and extravagant period.

Whether it is flat caps, cloche hats, day dresses, three piece suits, bobbed hair or the gang's definitive short and sharp cut, show us, show Tommy, you best effort.

Tickets bought in advance, online, are R50 which includes a free drink of either champagne, bourbon or a cosmo.

Tickets bought at the door are R50 with no free drink.


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