Tue Jan 29, 18:30 - Tue Jan 29, 21:00
Food Jams


“In order to save the planet you have to throw a better party than the people who are ruining it.”

Tristram Stuart, the founder of the environmental organization Feedback

You are invited to join an evening of fun - helping to make and share in some pots of soup, using goods and ingredients that would otherwise have gone to waste.

Attendance is free, and includes soup and bread, good conversation, a few stories told, excellent music vibes and a cash bar to keep it all flowing. Do reserve your spot, as the number of places is limited to 80.

Donations are being gratefully accepted to enable compensating the small-scale farmers from whom produce will be procured – food that they would otherwise not have been able to sell. Additional "waste" ingredients will have been donated by Knead Bakery and Umthunzi Farmer Community.


A Slow Food table will be available for those who wish to pledge their support for theirgood clean fair food for all” ethos.

The evening is being organized by Slow Food Mother City Community and Slow Food Youth Network along the lines of World Disco Soup events that are held the world over. They draw attention to the 30% of food that goes to waste in the food system, ending up in bins rather than bellies. 

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