Cape Town Carnival 2019

Sat Mar 16, 19:00 - Sat Mar 16, 22:00
Fan Walk. Somerset Road, Green Point, Cape Town



Come and experience THE CAPE TOWN CARNIVAL: the DIVA of the City, radiating glamour, fun and energy!

For one awesome day & night on the 16th March 2019, be wowed and swept away by the Cape Town Carnival experience, showcasing the energy and spirit of

Cape Town through creative expression. A Carnival where the diverse melting pot of people are drawn together with a passion that transcends barriers and allows

you to celebrate the uniqueness of Cape Town and Carnival. Filled with energy, fun, sexy outfits, dancing communities, expressive floats and artworks, The Cape Town Carnival will become part of your yearly calendar!


Are you wanting a Cape Town Carnival HOSPITALITY experience? Then this option is for you. It includes an exclusive HOSPITALITY area on a raised viewing platform, food (substantial finger foods), bar (selected beers, soft drinks and wine), security, DJ and PA system


Tired of standing but still want to ensure that you get the birds eye view – then the seated stands are your best option. Choose from several different stands depending on your requirements. These seats are on a bleacher style terraced platform – no food or drinks (but you will be able to purchase from a wide array of food vendors situated nearby).

The 2019 Cape Town Carnival theme is as follows: ‘VUKA UKHANYE - Arise ’n Shine’ depicts a vivid journey of awakening, from sunrise, literally waking up in the morning to symbolically waking up to your own power, to our interconnectedness and the light within each of us when we open hearts, eyes and minds. Shake off your limiting habits and ideas, unlock your power & potential and be all you can be. Cape Town Carnival 2019 is a call to all citizens to wake up and step up, a call to action, a celebration of human potential.

Please see the map below for seating stand reference:

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Cape Town Carnival 2019
Fan Walk. Somerset Road, Green Point, Cape Town
Somerset Rd, Cape Town, South Africa
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