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“Difficulties come when you don't pay attention to life's whisper. Life always whispers to you first, but if you ignore the whisper, sooner or later you'll get a scream” ~ Oprah Winfrey

How often do you hear women lawyers talking about burnout? In WOLELA we hear it a LOT. We speak to women every week, who were burnt out, are burnt out or are heading there.

We reach burnout by ignoring what our lives are trying to tell us over an extended period of time. Why do we ignore the symptoms? We do this for a variety of reasons, which include that the culture of the legal profession glorifies an addiction to busyness. In addition, the psychological profile of lawyers shows we are very driven people. As the psychologist Will Meyerhofer says, “Lawyer burnout affects lawyers not because they hate law and are bad at it, but (ironically) because they like law and are good at it.”

This workshop facilitated by Amanda Lamond is an opportunity to end the year on a high note, looking at what has worked for you and what no longer serves you. It’s a chance to hear from other women who have suffered from burnout about changes they’ve made as a result. Come and learn what drains you and what sustains you and how to energize yourself not only by sleeping more or exercising more but by practising essentialism. 

We will do experiential exercises, use worksheets, hold discussions and while there is some theory, this is NOT a heavy powerpoint session.

If this doesn't resonate with where YOU are at right now, why don’t you pay it forward to a younger lawyer or mentee who might not know about the event or be able to afford it?

Come and be part of WOLELA’s mission: helping women THRIVE in the law. 

When and where?

Baker McKenzie
1 Commerce Square
39 Rivonia Road
South Africa

Mon 11 Feb 2019 at 6:00 PM (SAST)
Mon 11 Feb 2019 at 9:00 PM (SAST)

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