Hustlers and Hang Ups

Thu Nov 15, 18:00 - Thu Nov 15, 21:30
Impact Hub Joburg


Global Entrepreneurship Week is a celebrated event in entrepreneurial circles all over the globe. A week in November is dedicated to getting people involved in entrepreneurial activity to highlight the importance of entrepreneurship in a country's economy.

Karani Leadership believes that the success of a business rests not only on it's ability to build a sustainable business model, but even more importantly, on the person or people building it. There are a lot of psychological and psychosocial stressors the average entrepreneur experiences at any given time. Karani cares about the overall well-being of the entrepreneur, especially his/her emotional and psychosocial well-being.

Come join us as we discuss and address some of the issues that are faced by entrepreneurs.


Hustlers and Hang Ups
Impact Hub Joburg
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