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The next editions of TONGHT brought to you by Kenzhero, Kid Fonque and Maria McCloy will happen at Johannesburg’s stylish new spot, Untitled, on 7 Reserve Street in Braamfontein, Johannesburg on 2 November, 7 December 2018 and 1 February 2019. On the decks, this respected scene creating trio will serve the grown and sexy crowd an eclectic mix of sounds spanning hip hop, house, R&B, Afrobeats and everything in between.

It’s sure to be a great night out at the seventh installation of this party series curated by acclaimed DJs, radio personalities and party promoters, Kenzhero (The Rhythm Sessions on Kaya FM Saturdays from 2pm) and Kid Fonque (Selective Styles on 5FM Sundays from 5 to 7pm ) who joined forces with urban culture specialist, publicist, designerand now new DJ  Maria McCloy.

Kenzhero comments on the party that began in Newtown last year: “People love the music and the atmosphere. People tell us it felt like something different on the Joburg scene and now we are bringing it to the venue Bradley Williams and I opened in mid-2018.” 

Untitled, like the crowd it attracts, is amazing looking, sexyand sophisticated yet warm and welcoming and up for a great time. Even better, before heading down to party in the Untitled basement bar and venue, people can have dinner at the Artivist restaurant upstairs. 

“This concept called TONGHT was conceived out of the constant chats we have had throughout time,” explains Kenzhero, who mixes on Kaya FM every Saturday from 2 to 6p.m. “In the late 90s, I used to frequent a spot called 206, down Louis Botha in Johannesburg. It was a cross-cultural meeting place and the music seemed to cater for the outcasts - or rather the alternatives.” It was there that he met Kid Fonque. “He was playing at 206 already, while I was buying vinyl and had started playing at friends’ parties. The first party I played with Kid Fonque was my first professional gig, so it remained a highlight and I am glad over the years we have crossed paths through other people’s events and at events that we host ourselves where we invite each other to spin at. Our styles are complimentary, a true testimony of the school of DJing we come from which is about staying true and unique.”


Kid Fonque explains why this collaboration has finally happened. “Kenzhero and I pretty much started DJing at the same time with the same circle of people. He was always hip hop and I was always a bit all over in terms of the music I played,” says the presenter of 5FM’s 5 to 7p.m. Sunday show, Selective Styles. “We have grown up together over the years and so have the people who used to watch us when we started. Although we keep DJing every weekend, the crew who started with us are older and find it difficult to get down where we play as the crowd is younger so they stay away from the current party scene. A few peeps mentioned this to Kenzhero and I so we thought, ‘let's do this!’” 


One of those people is Maria McCloy, who has been attending parties in Jozi since the mid-90s and 2000s when she was part of groundbreaking entities Black Rage Productions, Outrageous Records and Says Kid Fonque: “She has been coming to our events over the years and when we’d bump into her of late she’d always say: ‘Come on guys, do a grown and sexy party for people like us… I’m tired of partying with campus kids, but I still want to go out, have fun, meet great people and hear amazing music - out of a hot sound system…’ So after finding our dope venue, And, we approached her to join us. We felt she was the perfect partner because of her knowledge of the scene and her PR expertise.” 


7 Reserve St, Johannesburg, 2000, South Africa
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