Deliverance Fundraising

Sun Oct 28, 00:00 - Sun May 5, 00:00
Ephemeropolis, AfrikaBurn 2019


Fundraising for the Deliverance Collective to support the projects they are taking to Ephemeropolis, AfrikaBurn 2019.

Projects include:

1 "Towards Deliverance": Act 2 - Creating the Movement

The second act in our journey to create a life size elephant walking across the Tankwa plains. Next level design of front leg and drive mechanism and also now adding a back leg. Movement lights to be upgraded to a slick evening and nighttime performance. A spiritual piece, bringing consciousness to hunting, poaching and trade in ivory and other animal parts and dwindling animal numbers and habitat.

2 "Bebe Deliverance": Life size new born Elelphant Puppet

The puppet is to portray the first phase in the life of our elephant above. We have to make a head start to create a proto type for firstly training of puppeteers/handlers and secondly to experiment with the design to allow us to tweak the design for the final event in 2020.

3 "What we gonna do?" art car: ZiggyBuzz the vulnerable Cape Vulture

After 3 burns our beloved Suzie - AKA BatMobile or Batsun is now morphing into ZiggyBuzz, The vulnerable Cope Vulture. Adding to the Deliverance theme and conservation message.


Deliverance Fundraising
Ephemeropolis, AfrikaBurn 2019
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