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The purpose of this course is to provide delegates with a detailed knowledge of financial mathematics as well as the principles of town planning used to plan new property developments. 

Delegates will also learn about the general principles of taxation and the various ownership structures that may be utilised when investing in property. The significance of the property cash flow will be discussed as well as the various property investment benchmarks, including the cost of capital.  Delegates will also learn how to value various types of property. 

This course will also ensure that delegates understand the fundamental principles of property development. 

Delegates will learn how to acquire the right property, how to finance the purchase and subsequent development as well as dealing with the professional team until completion of the project. 

This is an intermediate level course targeted at delegates who have been in the industry for at least a year or two. This course should be completed after delegates have completed the IREP programme.  The content of the programme is as follows:


The purpose of this course is to provide delegates with more detailed insight into the property development process. Delegates will learn about the various role players in the property development process as well as the process itself.  In addition, delegates will learn how to undertake a basic feasibility for a brownfields or greenfields development.  

After completing this course, delegates will be able to: 

· Understand the various role players in the property development process as well as their functions

· Understand the property development process and how a new development is conceptualised and packaged

· Undertake a basic feasibility study for a new brownfields or greenfields development

Introduction to Real Estate Development (4 days)

· Role players in the property development process

· Functions of the various role players

· Conceptualising a new development

· Challenges of a greenfields versus a brownfields development

· Property development process

· Undertaking a basic feasibility study

· Measuring the returns from a new development

Who will be teaching the course? 

Graeme Jay, one of South Africa's most prolific real estate practitioners and academics. With over 25 years of teaching experience, Graeme's expertise lies in property investment and practice, finance, property law, and management. Graeme holds the following qualifications: BCom (Hons) Finance and Investment (WITs), Post Graduate Diploma: Property Development & Management, LLB (Unisa), MSc Building (Wits).

When and where?

Samzo House
William Road 103
South Africa

Mon 26 Nov 2018 at 9:00 AM (SAST)
Thu 29 Nov 2018 at 4:00 PM (SAST)

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