Carantula and The Mungeon - Fundraising Phase 1

Tue Oct 30, 13:00 - Fri Nov 30, 17:00
Tankwa Town, AfrikaBurn


This is the fundraising page for the Carantula and The Mungeon, our AfrikaBurn Mutant Vehicles being created for AfrikaBurn 2019.

The team building and gifting Carantula and The Mungeon to the Burn, are the same team who are behind the hugely successful CEXx Theme camp. Carantula and The Mungeon will act as an extension of Camp CEXx taking the Consensual, Educational, Xploration of seX elements of CEXx out onto the playa. 

Our Mutant Vehicle is made up of two parts: The Mungeon (our mobile dungeon) which is a 7 meter long trailer-based cage which will provide a mobile workshop and gifting space, as well as a platform for performers; and Carantula which is the SUV-based tow vehicle for The Mungeon, which will be transformed into a large black spider that will be prowling the playa day and night. 

During the day time, The Mungeon will be used as a demonstration and education area where the CEXx team are looking to take many of their demonstrations and training workshops out to the playa and the open spaces of AfrikaBurn. We would like to run daily consent workshops in The Mungeon as well as some of the rest of our educational programme which may include Shibari demonstrations, Polyamory discussions, Tantric Meditations and other sensual and liberating workshops and performances. We will also welcome other burners who are looking for a space to enable them to gift to the burn,

During the night time, The Mungeon will be used as a venue for a variety of performances, which may include Burlesque dancing, Shibari and/or suspensions, sensual wax plays, and demonstrations of light and sensual impact play. We will also be offering the space for other burners wishing to gift performances and who would like to use our space to do so.

Creating two art cars over and above a large Theme Camp is a costly undertaking. We are fundraising to cover some of the costs that the camp mates themselves are unable to afford. We plan to hold 3 rounds of fundraising in order to allow us to be able to access the funds raised at the end of each phase, to ensure that the build momentum continues.

We will be adding the name of any individual who donates more than R1,000 to the floorboards of The Mungeon (if they are happy having their name on the art car). People are welcome to come find us at the Burn and have their photo taken with their named floorboard. In keeping with the guiding principle of decommodification, we will only print an individual's name (no company names or similar)


Carantula and The Mungeon - Fundraising Phase 1
Tankwa Town, AfrikaBurn
8 ish, South Africa
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