This is Wooden Music featuring Hatchetman & Jenny and the Jameses

Fri Nov 23, 19:00 - Fri Nov 23, 22:00
The Nassau theatre


Two of Cape Town's best loved acoustic folk acts, Jenny & the Jameses and Hatchetman at long last join forces in a showcase evening of acoustic music, harmony singing and the start of a quiet revolution.

"This is Wooden Music" promises to take you back to the heyday of the singer songwriter, the days when musicians were given the ultimate gift of silence into which to perform their music. Both bands have quietly been growing a repertoire of delicate and beautiful acoustic music over the last 5 years and have consistently won audiences over across the country with their remarkable close vocal harmony singing.

The Nassau Theatre is the perfect venue for these bands to work their magic. An amphitheatre style theatre with perfect acoustics, every subtle nuance of the music is plain to see and hear. There are only 150 tickets available - come and join us and help kickstart the quiet revolution. Remember folks, this is wooden music, the type where you get to kick back, sit down and listen.

Doors open at 7pm and the show starts 8pm!

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This is Wooden Music featuring Hatchetman & Jenny and the Jameses
The Nassau theatre
77 Palmyra Rd, Newlands, Cape Town, 7700, South Africa
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