M.I.S.S Gayeties 3

Sun Sep 7, 19:00 - Sun Sep 7, 23:33
The Bello Studio, Old Biscuit Mill


M.I.S.S GAYETIES is a new and intimate venture, inspired by the numerous talented queer woman artists, musicians, film makers and friends who have brightened our world with their creative offerings.

We would love to see you there, please note that there are max 90 tickets available. Please note that M.I.S.S events are for ladies only.

We bring you an evening of acoustic music, short film, dance and other arts.

We invite you to kick off your shoes, open your eyes, ears, hearts and enjoy the beauty that is M.I.S.S GAYETIES.

gai·e·ty also gay·e·ty (ga′i-te)
n. pl. gai·e·ties also gay·e·ties

1. A state of joyful exuberance or merriment; vivacity.

2. Merry or joyful activity; festivity.

3. Bright color or showiness.

All in all … A gay feeling!

Our third M.I.S.S GAYETIES event will take place on Sunday 7th September at The Bello Studio in Woodstock.

Tickets are R80 and are limited.

The line up includes

♥ Live music by The Betsy Beers

Betsy Beers are two amazingly talented young ladies from Cape Town. Their blend of blues, folk and bubblegum country will rock your boots right off your feet! They cater for every ear as their sounds vary from funky rock and roll to soulful ballads. These singer songwriter sisters are definitely something to look out for!


♥ Live music by Sarah Pope and Jae Braun from Wolftown

♥ Art exhibition by Fiona Mac Pherson

Fiona was already passionately engaged in photography and filming in her teen years at school. Training herself via correspondence and translating all her projects into film and stills. After school her training came in the form of 2nd assistant to a top commercial photographer. She then moved to London for three years as 3rd assistant to a prolific commercial photographer. Her personal world was immersed in the theatre, dance and music, which fed her love of anything creatively wild and wonderful.

She returned to South Africa shooting editorial fashion, which then moved into a fashion feel for advertising campaigns. A commercials company then approached her to join them and direct TV commercials, which then became a long time affair with the moving image, but her eye always for that love of lighting, fashion and for the strong stylised aesthetic.

She exhibited Pony Express at the Erdman Contemporary, where the full thirteen prints were acquired by the UNISA'S Art Museum. She now works crossing the divide of stills and film, creating content for TV, online and various bodies of work for exhibitions.

♥ Furniture display by Johke Designs

Johke is functional design. It is beauty. It is inspired by mischief, curiosity and playfulness.

Our products are made from high quality materials. They are individually designed and unique. We strive to create sexy, interesting furniture for the modern urban lifestyle.

We started in Cape Town, South Africa, and our products are designed by our owner, Johke.

Johke studied fine art at the University of Cape Town, and has been making furniture for the past five years.

♥ DJ set by Dear Mrs Panda

A voyage thru beats that span many an era. With a love for bass and brass and just about any sonic vibration that makes the hips hop, swing, shake, rattle and roll.

Resident DJ for The Rouge Revue and Lady Magnolia's Bevy of Beauties

We would love to see you there, please note that there are max 90 tickets available. Please note that M.I.S.S events are for ladies only.

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M.I.S.S Gayeties 3
The Bello Studio, Old Biscuit Mill
375 Albert Road, The Old Biscuit Mill, Cape Town 7915, South Africa
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