Infinity: Music by Andre Strijdom

Sat Nov 30, 19:00 - Sat Nov 30, 21:30
Laerskool Gordonsbaai/ Gordonsbay Primary


In the little metropolis of the Helderberg one does not expect to find a musical genius. Andre Strijdom has been living in Gordon’s Bay since 2007 and have been composing the most beautiful music since he was 16.

If you are a music-lover, then you are in for a treat on Saturday 30th Nov at 7pm when a varied group of musicians will be performing some of his exceptional compositions at the Gordons Bay Primary School.

The program ranges from choral to orchestral to double-piano concertos to pop music, as well as cabaret and more.


Infinity: Music by Andre Strijdom
Laerskool Gordonsbaai/ Gordonsbay Primary
Avondrus St, Gordons Bay Central, Cape Town, 7140
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