Grow Your Own Medicine - Herbalism Workshop

Sat Nov 10, 09:30 - Sat Nov 10, 14:30
Joshua Tree Organics

Drug: from Old French 'drogue', meaning medicine; cure. Also from Old Dutch 'droog', meaning dried herbs.

Herbs are powerful and sacred allies. Much of modern medicine is derived from the ingenious ability of nature to synthesize chemicals which profoundly benefit the human condition. One wonders why plants, micro-organisms and fungi evolved to produce such benefits for humankind. It seems we have been disconnected from a long history of co-evolution with these incredible creatures. For as long as humanity has existed, nature has helped us. And in return, while we have damaged it immensely, we have helped nature.

Join us as we re-engage this co-evolution and explore:

  • Herbalism basics
  • Teas and tissanes
  • Oil infusions
  • Ointments and salves
  • Tinctures
  • Cough syrups
  • Herbal breath fresheners, and
  • Herbal safety

This is a shared learning and practical workshop where participants will make and take home samples of the above.

Cost per person is R320.

In the spirit of transparency, please see this link for a breakdown of our estimated costs.

This workshop will only go ahead if there are 13 confirmed paying participants, so please share with those you feel may benefit. This is to ensure we cover our costs, keep the workshop fee low and make this education accessible. In the event we do not reach the 13 humans target, your ticket will be fully refunded. Tickets are non-refundable otherwise. Confirmation that we've reached this target and that this workshop will go ahead will be announced on Monday 5 November 2018.

What to bring:

  • Snacks and a dish to share for a communal lunch. In the spirit of compassionate sharing, please ensure what you bring to share is kosher / halaal / vegetarian, and no stress if you're unable to bring anything, there should be plenty to go round.
  • Your own utentils, mugs and plates
  • Notepad and pen if you want to take notes
  • Comfortable and weather appropriate clothes
  • An open mind and your inner genius

Looking forward to connecting and co-creating a rich learning experience with you!

Stay awesome you crazy creatures.

Guerilla House staff are not trained medical professionals and no information shared at this workshop should be construed as medical advice. We advise seeking professional medical advice before using homemade medicines.

Participants attend this workshop at their own risk. Guerilla House will not be held responsible for any theft, injury, loss or damage which may arise. However, in such an unlikely event we will assist you as best we can.

For the avoidance of doubt, no illegal substances are engaged in during the course of this workshop.

This event is subject to postponement/cancellation at the discretion of Guerilla House in the event of bad weather.

Check out ethnobotanist James Wong for inspiration on Growing Your Own Drugs.
See link to our albums on Facebook for snaps of our previous workshops.

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Grow Your Own Medicine - Herbalism Workshop
Joshua Tree Organics
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