MACISTE IN HELL (Maciste all'inferno) - Makabra Ensemble Live Soundtrack Performance

Sat Oct 27, 21:00 - Sat Oct 27, 22:20

Labia Theatre


MACISTE IN HELL (Maciste all'inferno)   

with a live original soundtrack performed by THE MAKABRA ENSEMBLE

+ the HorrorFest Halloween dress-up night

One Show Only! - Book here to avoid arriving at a sold out venue

This 1925 silent Italian classic sees a brave man tricked by demons and cast into hell, where his virtue and strength persists as he teaches the demons a lesson they'll never forget!

An infernal epic enhanced by an original soundtrack performed live beneath the screen by The Makabra Ensemble.

Directed by Guido Brignone

Starring Bartolomeo Pagano, Umberto Guarracino, Lucia Zanussi

New soundtrack by The Makabra Ensemble

Having created new original soundtracks to classic silent films and performing them live for over a decade, THE MAKABRA ENSEMBLE returns to their favourite spot beneath the big screen as an institution of the HorrorFest's all-encompassing Halloween celebration.

The Makabra Ensemble will breathe new life into this cinematic classic, the live soundtrack composers & performers consisting of members from TERMINATRYX / ISOBEL / V.O.D / F8 (Sonja Ruppersberg & Paul Blom), LARK (Simon "Fuzzy" Ratcliffe & Sean Ou Tim aka MR. SAKITUMI also performing with JEREMY LOOPS), classical music genius Matthijs Van Dijk and Ronnie Belcher (also from TERMINATRYX as well as THE DAMNED CROWS).

The group utilizes a wide range of acoustic and electronic instruments, voice, effects and sound design, giving the film a brand new perspective.