Work Your Wealth - SR Bitcoin Preview SA Roadshow Durban - Onomo Hotel

Tue Nov 6, 19:00 - Tue Nov 6, 21:00
Onomo Hotel - Durban


Did you know that the money in your wallet… Isn’t the only type of money there is?

I know it sounds confusing, but hear me out..... Over the years, we’ve been conditioned to think that money can only be physical either through bank notes or plastic cards, but did you know that money and currencies also exists digitally? If you haven’t yet capitalised on this, it’s not too late!

How Do YOU Get Started?

It’s easy. We’re going to connect you with one of the global leading experts in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency, Conray Labuschagne with a 2 Hour (19:00-21:00) Bitcoin Preview session taking place all over South Africa! By the end of the one-day preview, here’s the knowledge you’ll leave with:

  • What exactly is Bitcoin and how to get started
  • How to protect yourself against the upcoming financial crisis with cryptocurrency
  • Industry strategies and tips to get the winning edge!

The Bitcoin Preview Roadshow by Conray Labuschagne

Learn the Best Practices to get involved with Bitcoin Globally.

Bitcoin Enthusiasts like Sir Richard Branson and Bill Gates are regarding Bitcoin as the Future of Money. Cryptocurrency also known as Digital Gold, is changing the Financial Institution as we know it.

Conray is regarded as one of the leading Bitcoin and Crypto Currency Experts Globally, educating and teaching people from all walks of life on how to get involved with Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies through innovative technology.

Hedge yourself against the devaluation of Currencies and the Old Money System and embrace the Digital Currency Revolution. Bitcoin is one way to secure yourself from the Upcoming Global Financial Crisis.

Join us at one of our many events, and let us show you how to hedge your wealth against inflation with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies.

This is a 2 hour (7pm - 9pm) Bitcoin Preview Roadshow taking place across South Africa.

What will you learn at the event ( Bitcoin Preview Program)

  1. What is Bitcoin and Crypto Currencies
  2. How to get started with Bitcoin and Crypto Currencies in Africa and Globally using Safe and Secure Platforms
  3. How to exchange your Rands for Bitcoin
  4. How to transact with Bitcoin in South Africa and Globally (buying goods and services for Bitcoin)
  5. How to hedge yourself against the upcoming Global Financial Crisis
  6. How to Protect and Grow your wealth with Bitcoin and Crypto Currencies
  7. Industry expert, tips, tricks and strategies that no one else is using.

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Work Your Wealth - SR Bitcoin Preview SA Roadshow Durban - Onomo Hotel
Onomo Hotel - Durban
56 KE Masinga Rd, North Beach, Durban, 4063, South Africa
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