Circle of Influence : An Online Mastermind

Wed Sep 12, 19:30 - Wed Nov 21, 19:30


You are here because you are committed to growing yourself through engaging with like-minded people and learning new skills.

In this Master Mind Group – THE CIRCLE OF INFLUENCE you will be sharing and learning alongside a small group of people. The primary focus of this 10-week course is to create or improve on your sales strategy.

These are the topics that will be discussed:

1. Defining your objective Your personal objectives for the course

2. Selling effectively Defining yourself as a sales person , The 3 Rules

3. Personal Branding Personal Value Proposition

4. Your Service Model Creating your own unique service model

5. Your ideal client Client Segmenting, Do business with the people you want to do business with on your own terms, build a Database

6. Be OK with No (What is your relationship to No)

7. Educate your clients Teach them about how you work and where your new business comes from

8. How to engage with each segment

9. Asking for referrals

10. Keep in touch Design your own client communication system

Why should you join the Circle of Influence?

1. Accountability (No Retreating)

When you are part of the group you need to show up. When things are getting tough you know that the group is meeting, and they are expecting you to show up. It is akin to having a training partner.

There have been times when I just do not feel like doing something, like my karate training for example, but I know that the group will be there, and my training partners are expecting me to show up. So, therefore, I go, even when the motivation is low. The Master Mind group provides you with the same level of personal accountability.

2. Clarity and Focus on the Next Step

Joining the Circle of Influence Master Mind, you will be guided along a journey that is clearly mapped out. The weekly course handouts remind you of what was discussed and give you a framework to design your own strategy based on sound principles.

Many people know what to do or how to do it, but they never get to the actual doingness of it. The program is broken down into small manageable segments that will challenge you and get you thinking about your strategy in a unique way.

The Offer:

A 1-hour, weekly online session. (10-week commitment)

Investment for 10 weeks : R3100.00

I moderate and run the call, take notes, and handle the admin details.

You would have to show up and engage during the call and briefly share your progress since the last meeting.

Facilitator: Dylan Murray 

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