Work Your Wealth - Passive Income Intro 8 Hour - SA - Centurion

Sat Sep 15, 09:00 - Sat Sep 15, 17:00
Centurion Country Club


Passive Income Intro

This 8 Hour Event will REVEAL:

How to Implement  Offline & Online  Wealth Creation Strategies to Earn DAILY Passive Income!


8 Hour LIVE Event! Not to be Missed!

Now everybody can learn how to create multiple streams of Passive Income. Attend a Live Event and learn Modern Money Methods to create Financial Stability, using tried, tested and proven Wealth Creation Systems.

This Event will Reveal

How you can become a Passive Income Master

Learn Multiple Online Strategies

- How to get Started with Digital Gold in South Africa

- Blockchain Technology

- CryptoEducation Training

- Property - How to Buy Property with Gold

- How to Use Gold as a Protection against Inflation

- Asset Protection

- Forex Robot and Expert Advisor Systems

- Develop the Mindset of a Wealth Coach

- How to become a Wealth Coach and start your Own Wealth Coaching Business in South Africa.... 

FREE Coaching will be provided to you!

You 've taken the first step now RSVP a ticket using the link below and save 50% on your Ticket plus Bring a Business Partner for FREE!

Get Access to Wealth Coaches who will guide you step-by-step on how to implement a tailoured Passive Income Strategy around your current situation, with proven systems and technologies.  


“WYW has helped me to think outside the box and to realise that what seemed to be impossible is possible. It has totally changed my mindset about my ability to generate income. It has surely unlocked my potential and has broadened my horizon in ways I never could imagine. Having attended the WYW seminars, I have found myself moving out of my comfort zone without even realising it. Living a life of abundance was just a distant dream but is now within my reach. Being a member of WYW has brought me in contact with visionary people and I'm very excited to discover what the future holds.” - Grace Stuurman 

I have been with WYW for about a year and without a doubt it's one of the best decisions I have ever made. It's a group of highly motivated individuals whose main purpose is to better the lives of others. There are so many ways to gain by being part of WYW that you would have to come to a seminar to really understand. It's only once you become a permanent member that you truly understand all the benefits you can gain from a personal to a financial point of view. I have met great new people that have become good friends and I relish the positive vibe that is always there. It's important to go back again regularly as you know you leave feeling more confident, positive and ready to refocus on your goals and dreams. WYW is the first organisation that I have been part of that genuinely wants to help others and they have instilled the same passion in me. Thank you WYW and especially Conray." - Joe Dos Santos 

"Work Your Wealth is no quick fix and no fly by night solution. It is a well thought out concept, allowing willing and free thinking individuals an opportunity and a vehicle to financial freedom. As a PDI, cash flow is created through me as an Area Manager. I arrange auctions to help the defaulters salvage their pride and save their properties and also teach them how to lead debt-free lives. Whilst doing this I earn commission that will eventually allow me an opportunity to build my own property portfolio, through purchasing to flip or rent. WYW makes me realise my dream of creating passive income. As a self-employed person, I need to see myself in the fourth quadrant and develop sufficient pension fund for my old age. WYW is also a definite route that can help me realise my wish of leaving an everlasting will of wealth for my offspring and the next generation and break the cycle of poverty." - Jabu Vilakazi

"Work your Wealth provides an individually tailored financial structure to suit the personal requirements around your particular set of circumstances. They also encourage the discipline required to move forward on a sound financial path towards your goals and dreams. There is no lack of financial information, but identifying what works best for you and your situation is the personal touch you receive from Conray and his team. Work Your Wealth has a holistic approach to money and life, affirming that for dreams to be realised, it is the conversations that you have with yourself that require attention first. All dreams are possible, be prepared to do whatever it takes!" - Kerry & Michael 


Conray Labuschagne

Owns one of the Biggest Success and Wealth Creation events in South Africa and Globally, with a Footrpint in Australia, UK, London, Sweden, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and Germany. He is a Passive Income Master teaching People from all works of life on How To Create Multiple Streams of Passive Income and how to convert their Digital Assets into Real Gold, and Buy Properties in South Africa and Globally using tried and tested systems.

Rick Potgieter

A successful Entrepreneur & Passive Income Master with knowledge in the Forex Robot Industries as well as a Crypto Investor, teaching people how to convert their Digital Assets into Real Gold, and Buy Properties in South Africa and Globally using tried and tested systems.

Tony De Gouveia

Social Entrepreneur and Servant Leader, founded the "TUB" Business System, which is the The Ultimate Business, designed to show you how multiple streams of Passive Income can work together to help you achieve the Financial Freedom that you deserve. 

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Work Your Wealth - Passive Income Intro 8 Hour - SA - Centurion
Centurion Country Club
41 Centurion Dr, Centurion Golf Estate, Centurion, 0046, South Africa
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