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Sun Apr 28, 00:00 - Sun May 5, 17:00


As the hovering mist settles over the tracks the level-crossing bell rings out with an intensely, deep sound .... in the distance a pale gleam, the howl of a wolf and the constant throb of the heart ... beating, building up, growing louder & louder.


The SPIRIT Train is eager to make a return to the planes of Tankwa Town (Afrikaburn, 2019) and you can play a pivotal role in this process. In fact, without YOU we cannot do it alone.

After 3 years in succession at Afrikaburn (and one year in hibernation) the crew and friends of The SPIRIT Train are once again back to the drawing board - hammer & nail - to improve and modify all functionalities on the mutant for his return to Afrikaburn, 2019.

We already have several visual & sensory upgrades that require funding for implementation - and our goal is to bring you an elevated experience each year.

Please have a look for yourself at itemized costs listed below:

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Spirit Train (raw running costs):

Transport (12m flatbed) R20 000

Tractor R10 000

Tractor (delivery/return) R7 500

Diesel (125l @ R15/l) R1 800

20KVA Generator R10 000

Trailer for Generator R2 000

DJ equipment (Cdjs & mixer) R7 500

Sound-system (Turbosound & Mackie) R50 000

Sound System delivery and collection R3 500

Lighting (moving heads x 4) R8000

RGB lazers (x2) R10 000

Gas (16 x 19kg) R7 200

Smoke fluid (4 x 5l) R1 000

Smoke machines (x2) R2 000

Paint, screws, miscellaneous R1 500

Subtotal R142 000.00

Spirit Train (modifications/upgrades):

Lobo's facelift R15 000,00

LED's and materials R10 000

New improved lighting features R5 000

New custom built bigger fire ball machines R30 000

Subtotal R60 000.00

Deep Playa art-piece :

Art piece cladding R10 000

Art piece transport R6 000

Materials to elevate the art piece R8 000

Sound-system (Turbosound) R30 000

Dj equipment R7 500

Generator (6Kva) R6 000

Subtotal R67 500.00

Total R269 500.00

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The SPIRIT Train - Donations
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