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So you feeling frustrated because you’re struggling to come up with the next big business idea? You’re annoyed because you dreamed up a taxi service app long before Uber was even a thing? You’re feeling stagnant, unable to experience any significant breakthroughs in your career? 

Well...what if I told you that you too had what it takes to think like a Disruptor.

Disruptor is a term used to describe individuals and companies that are shaping new paradigms through brilliant new ideas. In order to thrive in today’s world, being business savvy is not enough, you need to know how to disrupt. 
This full day corporate masterclass promises to do just that. We will teach participants through play and laughter how to remain curious, discover their inner talents and trust their intuition. Failure is an essential part of success and participants will learn how to embrace failure and see mistakes as an opportunity for growth and development. Participants will learn how to remain fluid and agile in their decision making, learning how to effectively disrupt and manage disruption. Participants will also unlock the ability to operate from top of their intelligence and come up with disruptive solutions at lightning speed.

Improv Comedy is fast becoming the leading training used by global conglomerates in cultivating disruptive thinkers. Executive MBA programmes and brands like Coca-Cola, Google and McKinsey swear by Improv Comedy training stating that improv increases collaboration, creativity and an openness to risk taking. We at Jittery Citizens, use applied improvisation to rewire the brain, as well as several multi-disciplinary techniques that create behavioural change with lasting results. Improv unlocks the skills which allow us to become agile and adapt easily to given situations. However, traditional corporate training methods leaves the participants with a "knowledge" of the information but does not necessarily lead to behavioural changes and impactful growth. Because improv is experiential and fun* learning is guaranteed. Dick Costollo, Ex-Twitter CEO, runs his company like an improv group because he feels that "Great leaders, are great improvisors.” 

Now you too can unlock the ability to create THE ULTIMATE DISRUPTION!

““The power of improv as a training tool resides in it’s experiential nature or the ability to connect people to their intuition, their bodies, their intellect and each other. The links to the bottom line become clearer and clearer.” —Thiagi"

Trusting Your Intuition
Thinking at Top of Intelligence
Catching the innovation wave
Manage Disruption 
Quick Thinking
Productivity and Employee Motivation
Finding innovative solutions
Transformation and Adaptation: Becoming agile
Finding your distinctive strength 
Idea generation
Embracing Failure
(Participants will receive a resource pack with exercises to aid you in continuing your improv journey.)

Who will benefit from attending:
Creatives who are wanting to learn how to come up with innovative solutions at lightning speed
Managers and leaders who are wanting to inspire effect change within their teams and boost staff morale
Entrepreneurs who are wanting to take their ideas/ business to the next level
Decision makers who need to operate at lightning speed and learn to trust their intuition
Anyone who is wanting to “change the game” in their respective industries.

*Please note this session is highly interactive and fun. Participants who aren’t willing to move beyond their comfort zones probably won’t enjoy this masterclass. 


"Claudine is a great facilitator. Her energy and enthusiasm made the group connect and grow above and beyond" Tanya Demby, Stephan Welz and Co, Antique Specialist

“Really great application for developing and inspiring team effectiveness in the workplace. I learnt to be brave and believe in my ideas.”

 Ivor, Manager - Ernst & Young

"I truly enjoyed the session, learning to "let go" is sometimes difficult, however, you created an environment where we felt comfortable to do so." 

 Adriaan Adriaanzen, Transactional Banking Associate, Standard Bank

“Absolutely loved it. It's bloody clever, funny and crazy. If you're looking for something fresh do it, do it, do it!” – Tiffany Markman, Freelance Copywriter

"This is hands down the best team building session I’ve ever done! Claudine was amazing! I had so much fun with my work colleagues, eventually I ws in tears with laughter. It really does get you out of your comfort zone! I highly recommend it!” Samantha Maris, 

Mann Made Media

"Thank you for helping me let go of my fears and embrace confidence. It was truly an unforgettable experience." Siya Dlamini, Insights Team Lead, Wunderman SA

So glad to have you on board training our Creatives. Looking forward to building this relationship for many years to come!” Liesl Damien-Harris, Learning & Development Manager, Ogilvy & Mather 

"The training was truly amazing. Had so much fun learning how to be more comfortable being me. I'm leaving this session full of energy and inspired."

Ranesha Shanrathan, HR Director, Unilever 

"I loved the course so so much.

It got us engaging more, laughing together, thinking 

as a collective and taught us how we can support each other by simply working as a team. Thanks so much!"

Dimakatso, Operations Assistant, Jag Method

A Few of The Companies we’ve Impacted:

E&Y, Mercedes, Nedbank, Standard Bank, Unilever, Ogilvy & Mather, Sassfin (Cell C Take A Girl to Work Day), Mann Made Media, Acceleration, Wunderman SA, Jag Method, Nolands, BDO and several more

Cape Town

When and where?

The Vinyard Hotel Cape Town

Fri 15 Mar 2019 at 9:00 AM (SAST)
Fri 15 Mar 2019 at 4:00 PM (SAST)

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