Learning to Blog with 2Summers

Sat Oct 13, 10:00 - Sat Oct 13, 16:00
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Do you have a story to tell but aren’t sure how to tell it? Blogging might be the answer. Blogging is the world’s most flexible communication medium, allowing writers, photographers, travelers, cooks, and anyone else with a laptop to tell their story in whatever format they choose. 

But while starting a blog might seem easy (to some), maintaining that blog and growing an audience is exceedingly difficult. Heather Mason’s “Learning to Blog” course will address both challenges, empowering participants to either start a new blog or strengthen/grow an existing blog.

Heather created her blog, 2summers.net, in 2010 and slowly grew it from a hobby into a full-time writing and photography career. Over the years, Heather has learned how to combine words and images to tell compelling online stories, as well as the best ways to use networking, social media, and great storytelling to grow a loyal and engaged audience for her blog. 

In this course Heather will share all her secrets on how to create an interesting, engaging blog, and how to grow and maintain a blog long-term. The course will include an introduction to blogging and social media, group discussion, and a downtown Joburg photowalk, complete with photography tips. 

After the course, Heather will conduct a 30-minute, individual follow-up discussion with each participant to answer questions and provide customized tips.

This course is designed to provide an interactive environment in which bloggers and aspiring bloggers at all levels can share ideas with both the course instructors and one another, leaving with concrete ideas and inspiration on how to jumpstart a new or existing blog.

About Heather

Heather is a writer, photographer and blogger based in Johannesburg, South Africa. She moved from Washington D.C. to Joburg in August 2010, abandoning her old life as an American suburbanite office-dweller for a new life as a migrant bohemian freelancer. Heather started a blog on a whim, naming it 2Summers because she experienced two summers in a row during the year that she switched hemispheres.

Eight years later, Heather has made Joburg her permanent home and blogging has become her career. She blogs mostly about quirky places in Joburg and revels in using a combination of words and pictures to showcase a vibrant, friendly side of this city that is often overlooked. Heather also blogs about her travels around South Africa and the rest of the world.

In her spare time Heather enjoys boxing, Instagramming, and eating copious quantities of samoosas. Follow her on Instagram (@2summers), Twitter (@2summers) and Facebook (facebook.com/2summers).

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Learning to Blog with 2Summers
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