Get Started with Code 1: Block 3 & 4 of 8

Wed Oct 3, 08:00 - Wed Oct 3, 12:00
Vodacom World Kids Lab


Get Started with Code 1

Block 3 & 4 of 8

Pre requisite Block 1 & 2

In Block 3 & 4, their coding journey continues as we advance by exploring flexible sequencing. They’ll learn how to construct their own flexible sequences through relating them to everyday situations and understand that Code using different sequences can achieve the same outcomes. Students will go on to learn about loops to make their code easier to write. They will learn and understand what a loop is and how is can make an instruction more efficient and why it is so powerful. 


3 October 

8:00 - 12:00

Required Apps: Tynker & codeSpark Academy


Please note there are no refunds available once tickets have been booked.

A light snack will be provided.


Get Started with Code 1: Block 3 & 4 of 8
Vodacom World Kids Lab
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