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I just LOVE this time of year and I always look forward to this powerful CLOSE OUT STRONG process. I do this every year along with you. It has been developed to support my coaching and mastermind clients over the last 15 years and now it is available to the public. CLOSE OUT STRONG might seem like a simple 5-day online course, and yet,if you read all the reviews below, you will realise it will absolutely change the way YOU END 2018!

So regardless of ...

Whether you have had a wonderful year or an up and down year

How late you got out the starting blocks at the beginning of the year

How shitty a year you have had - yeah you know it!

How many times you have fallen down and felt like a failure

Whether all your goals have been achieved or not...

There is still a way to hold up your head, hand on your heart, kick butt and end the year with a sense of deep satisfaction!

Take what matters with you into the New Year and dump the rest where it belongs...

It doesn't matter what kind of year you have had till now - FAB or CRAP or BOTH -what matters is that you harness the wisdom and insights from the positive and the negative, dare to ASK deep questions, be ready to leave some old sabotaging stuff behind and be open and willing to face 2019 with fresh eyes and energy. And if you have had a fantastic year, then it's really vital to take stock and acknowledge your achievements!

Why not give yourself the opportunity to receive all the GIFTS so that you put the year to bed with purpose and embrace 2019 for all it's worth. Think of it as a simultaneous pat on the back and a wee kick up the proverbial :)

“Quit your flapping and ride your thermals.”

Dewitt Jones 


Done in your own time, over 5 days or longer if you choose - delivered via email. As soon as you say yes and upon payment received, I get you started - or you can let me know you want to start on a specific date.

1) STEP IN - Reflect on your year gone by

2) STEP UP - Tackle the dreaded in-completes lurking in your life

3) HARNESS your year's wisdom with hindsight

4) Acknowledge the all-important USHERS in your life

5) Put the year elegantly to bed and LET GO

6) STEP OUT into 2019 with clarity and enthusiasm.

Don't drag 2018 into the new year with you! Set yourself up for an amazing start to 2019

Consciously closing out your PERSONAL year - as opposed to simply scrambling to get your desk and final obligations clear - is about bringing a sense of order, understanding and insight to your last 12 months, as well as ending the year more energised, proud and in awe of what you have accomplished, right up until the last drop has been squeezed from 2016.

I believe life is always a dance between the "GLEE and the GLITCH" and it's about letting yourself flow between the two, not getting too stuck on either side.



1. STEP BY STEP - your daily theme to guide you to CLOSE OUT STRONG

Valued at R 2987.00

The crux of CLOSE OUT STRONG is the DAILY THEMES to shift you through the purposeful process I have created over the past decade. Every DAY for 5 consecutive days you will be guided through specific processes to complete in your own time. These will take you about an hour each day to process.

Each days' theme builds on each other, step by step.

Designed to reduce overwhelm and take you by the hand so that this year ends on a profound high with a sense of accomplishment, calm and closure.



Valued at R 987.00

4 punchy interviews with Kate's hand-picked experts to support you to CLOSE OUT STRONG no matter how exhausted and overwhelmed you are right now.

HIGH PERFORMANCE - strategies to keep your energy buoyant rather than burnt-out with FAB QUOTIENT specialist Celynne Erasmus

LOVE YOURSELF FOR NO REASON - how to put self-care into practice with renowned Psychologist Mark Khan

NETWORKING AT THIS TIME OF YEAR - Controversial strategies with Helen Nicolson - Director of The Networking Company

GRATITUDE - generous insights from Donna McCallum aka The Fairy Godmother


3. POPS ! Everyone LOVES these bursts of energy and quick challenges to slot into your day!

Valued at R397.00

20 small yet inspirational challenges - using the unique format of my famous CAPPUCCINO CHALLENGE this optional extra that everyone LOVES is designed to be completed in just 20 minutes as you sip your cappuccino, juice or tea every day till the end of the year. This is an ADDITIONAL way to up the ante and Close Out Strong.

You will receive 20 POP's - one a day for the 5 days, followed by another 15 you can do as they take your fancy. If you have more time you can do more than one a day, pick and choose randomly or go step by step. These are a highlight of Kate's programme as they add a little extra oomph and energy to your day,


Valued at R397.00

Close out your business with hindsight, energy and clarity. Take advantage of Kate's BUSINESS BONUS - you will also receive another series of profound processes and questions to work through to CLARIFY YOUR BUSINESS YEAR. You could share this with your business partner, team or to mindfully close out the last meeting of the year with focus.


Close Out Strong has been one of the most invigorating short courses I've experienced. The end of a year usually carries the hallmark of weariness and fatigue. But, being part of this Close Out Strong has injected vigor and oomph that has helped me to identify and finish everything I still needed to get to yet didn't think I had remaining capacity for. The unexpected bonus has been Kate's infectious enthusiasm, kindness and warmth that has created an open and safe environment to allow reflection and inspired mindfulness, and her daily POP activities have added such a fun, delicious element. I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to give the last few weeks of this year a good strong kick in the butt. MANDY


Close Out Strong is the best thing I have ever done to finish off a year! Kate's energetic and upbeat personality ensures that we give our all in working through our glitches and even achieving goals I thought not possible before year end. I highly recommend the Close Out Strong program! MADEL


The Close Out Strong process has been an invaluable process for me. I usually start freaking out and panicking at the end of the year. Kate - you helped me to step into my 'power' by realizing that it is really beneficial to remain calm and centered. You gave me the tools to get clarity and gain focus! I will continue to use these tools and strategies going forward to aid me in coping with any extra stresses and curveballs life might throw at me! You have been very supportive and caring, firm but loving, helping me through a stressful family situation with such grace and with a true spirit of empathy! You held space for me and guided me so wisely, in a way that I could benefit from. Always reminding me of where my focus should be! I would recommend you, Kate, to anyone needing assistance in life! I value and appreciate your ongoing support! Thanks for all Kate - you are amazing - you really helped me get focused and understand the difference between things I can control and things I cannot change. I feel so much calmer and ready to tackle the last few weeks of the year with a confidence I have not had before. Lots of love and warm sunshine from sunny Cape Town, Lyneth xxxxxx


Thank you for sharing your knowledge, methods and intuition with me in Close Out Strong. It is a process that is resulting in profound personal revelations and changes for me. I definitely recommend this course to anyone with the intention and personal goal to....CLOSE OUT STRONG !! It will most certainly have a positive impact on next year as well. Much love, Bianca Scheffer


Closing out strong was and still is my calm in the storm. I found this an amazing, practical and functional process to help gather my thoughts and get going. Not only did Kate’s formula help me structure my process but it was fun getting everything done that I needed to do. The fact that I discovered much-needed soul food along the way AND started formulating goals for next year was an added Bonus. CORLENE FURSTENBERG 


I know Close Out Strong sounds like a lot of work. And yes it when you want to just get the year over. But it has been a journey of creating abundance, trust and huge insights. Kate's commitment and guidance helps you every step of the way with daily steps and actions, making the process and tasks achievable. Rome wasn't built in a day and with a step by step plan you too can Close out Strong and head into the New Year free of this year's incompletions. It's great knowing that I'm ticking off things that would have just been neglected and dragged with me into the New Year. MEGAN


Dotting down everything I still had to do, putting dates and actions next to it gave me insight into what I need to focus on, what can and should be moved to next year, it kept my mind and heart from racing and just steadily working towards the final CLOSING OUT STRONG MOMENT. Your guidance with what we all are dealing with along the way was truly inspiring. The daily POP'S -wow - loved them, and did them – they brought a lightness to my soul. Follow the process and you will be DORET COETZEE


I would highly recommend your Close Out Strong course. Life whizzes by so quickly that a year is over and gone in the blink of an eye. We get so caught up in the busyness of life that we don't stop and take/make the time to reflect back on the year and if we do it is not to the same depths as your course encourages one to do. I love the step by step process. Kate, your courses are always challenging, thought-provoking and life-changing IF you are prepared to put in the effort and "work" the course. Change takes effort and in our instant gratification society too few people, sadly, are prepared to make the effort that change requires. It is far easier to blame those around you and not look at yourself. I had a very emotional chat with a dear friend yesterday. We have known each other for going on 40 years. We chatted in depth about all sorts of issues from love languages, husbands, letters, letting go, de-cluttering, how do you know when enough is enough etc. Her first hubby died of a heart attack at 27 years old after 3 months of marriage and she was saying that she still has all his letters etc but maybe it was time to let go and burn them. I was able to share how your course (s) have helped me and shared some little pearls of wisdom. She went home with my copy of your Clear your clutter. I also told /warned :) her that clearing physical clutter opens the way for clearing emotional clutter as well. Peeling away the onion layers is not easy but if you keep plastering the issues over and trying to keep them "stuffed ' deep, cracks appear and eventually something gives. Thank you - a deeply meant thank you:) for all you do to bring light and life to those you come into contact with. Sandra S



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Where you start is not as important as where you finish

Zig Ziglar

Still relevant even though this video below talks about 2016!

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