King David Extra-mural Coding Club Gr. 4 - 7

Mon Jul 30, 09:00 - Sat Aug 25, 17:00
King David Victory Park


King David Victory Park  |  Extra-mural Coding Club
Grade 4 - 7group
15:30 - 16:30
2 August
9 August
23 August
30 August
6 September
13 September 

Swift Playgrounds: Learn to Code 1

In Learn to Code 1, students will explore the fundamentals of Swift, the programming language used to create apps for Apple products. By solving puzzles in a dynamic 3D puzzle world, students will develop a set of coding skills to build up their basic programming vocabulary. Their coding journey begins with simple commands, functions, and loops. From the start, they’ll write real code, the same code used by real programmers.

Continuing their coding journey, they’ll add conditional code that responds to changes in the environment, then introduce operators and while loops to make their code more precise and easier to use again. As they put these skills together, they’ll develop simple, powerful algorithms that use the same code to solve a range of different puzzles.


King David Extra-mural Coding Club Gr. 4 - 7
King David Victory Park
84-88 Rd No 3, Victory Park, Randburg, 2195, South Africa
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