King David Extra-mural Coding Club Gr. 3

Mon Jul 30, 15:30 - Fri Sep 21, 16:30
King David Victory Park


King David Victory Park  |  Extra-mural Coding Club
Grade 3 group
Mondays 15:30 - 16:30 
30 July
6 August
13 August
20 August 
27 August 
3 September 
Gart Started with Code

In Get Started with Code 1, students will explore fundamental coding concepts and learn to think like a coder. 

Their coding journey begins with exploring simple sequencing. They’ll learn about coding concepts in everyday contexts and apply their understanding to solve puzzles using visual programming. They’ll become code detectives, debugging their own and others’ code. 

Students will go on to learn about loops to make their code easier to write, and how conditional statements, events, and actions can make their programs more interactive. They’ll develop algorithms to solve problems. As students put these skills together in both activities and app practice sessions, they’ll design simple programs and challenge their peers to debug their creations.


King David Extra-mural Coding Club Gr. 3
King David Victory Park
84-88 Rd No 3, Victory Park, Randburg, 2195, South Africa
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