AfrikaBurn 2019 - Not

Mon Apr 29, 08:00 - Sun May 5, 17:00
Tankwa Town

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Howzit! Looking for AfrikaBurn tickets? Here’s the thing: getting a ticket isn’t easy. Allow us to explain:

AfrikaBurn is not a music festival, or a party. It’s an exercise in radical self-reliance and expression that takes place in a very remote, extreme environment. To get the most out of the experience – and to survive the road to and from the event – you really need to be prepared. If you’re not very well prepared, chances are you’ll either end up stranded on the side of the road after your tyres get chewed up by the hellish road that leads to the event location, or you’ll end up trying to survive in extreme heat and wind with inadequate camping gear. Oh – and there’s nothing for sale, at all, except one item: ice.

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p.s: if you’re expecting a music festival with headline acts where you can party for a week straight, you might want to consider the many other events listed here on Quicket.


AfrikaBurn 2019 - Not
Tankwa Town
Namaqualand, South Africa
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