The New Normal: Episode 2 - Integrative Approaches to Nurturing Post-Partum Mental Health

Wed Aug 8, 09:30 - Wed Aug 8, 11:30
Clarke's Bar & Dining Room (the venue at the back, Hail Pizza)


The New Normal is a platform to bring awareness to the real and honest shared experiences of new and early motherhood because what you’re feeling and going through right now, hundreds of women in your city, country and across the world are too. 

Depending on turn out, a percentage of proceeds will go towards an initiative aimed at providing support for mothers who otherwise not have access to support, information or help in the perinatal state.

Episode 1 has come and gone and the feedback from the event was to provide information to new moms from a more holistic and functional health perspective when it comes to nurturing our mental, emotional and physical well-being after giving birth. So with this in mind we have gathered a powerful group of female functional health practitioners to come and share their knowledge, why they chose to do what they do and best of all tips on how you can implement some of their modalities into your everyday life to help you cope as a new mom. Whether it's supplementation, diet changes, specific yoga poses this event will empower you when it comes to making choices about your post-partum health and well-being.

Dr. Simone Silver is a functional health professional with a keen interest in hormonal health. She has recently become a mom to a 15 month old and is passionate about hormonal balancing through integrative methods.

Dr. Daphne Lyell is a homeopath and integrative GP with a special interest in women's health- From teenage years and into womanhood, she provides support to female patients who suffer from hormonal imbalances, menstrual irregularities and infertility. She also is passionate about gut-health as a fundamental driver to overall health.

Harriet Came of Blossom and Bloom Yoga is a doula as well as a pre and post natal yoga instructor. One of the classes she offers is geared towards hormonal balancing through specific yoga poses.
It's with great pleasure that we invite new moms, pregnant moms,  mom's with more than one child and mom's who just feel like they need to connect to the next installment of The New New Normal! 



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