Brunch, books and bubbles - professional women galvanised

Sat Sep 1, 09:15 - Sat Sep 1, 11:30
ABSA Experience Venue/ Space


Come and celebrate Spring 2018 with us and experience the Positive Success Movement.
You are busy and you have lots going on. 
Each one of us can succeed as lone wolves sure. 

But what you want sis, is success and sisterhood. 
That means having a community of like minded professional women on your side - the experience of empowerment. 
Your mission if you are willing to jump on it, is Positive Success together and within a community of like minded professional women.

TOPIC FOR COMMUNITY DISCUSSION: The Inner Critic for Professional Women -and how to tame it a take your power back

The Specialist Facilitation gives the morning structure and your participation ensures fun is the order of the day.
Ready to commit to reaching your goals? This brunch is relaxed yet challenging because "she ready" and we will discuss business ideas for modern times and other conscious personal development concepts. Cozy, conscious and collaborative, this exclusive brunch cannot be missed. This brunch an informal transformational change intervention for you as a professional, as a person, building on everything you’ve accomplished up to now. You are important, join in, the movement needs you.


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