Franchise Marketing Managers’ Breakfast

Wed Aug 29, 08:30 - Wed Aug 29, 11:00

The Cheese Has Moved


Reaching a Geographically Dispersed Customer with Digital Marketing

Are you a Marketing Manager looking to up your game?

Do you have franchises with customers in a specific geographic footprint?

How can you effectively use cutting edge digital marketing strategues and tactics to reach these geographically dispersed customers?

Join two Digital Marketing heavyweights, Dylan Kohlstädt and Buster Pitt in this powerful talk on Reaching a Dispersed Customer with Digital Marketing.



  • Dylan Kohlstädt: Reaching a Dispersed Customer with Lead Generation Strategies
  • Buster Pitt: Reaching a Dispersed Customer with Local SEO Strategies
  • Daryl Van Arkel: Reaching a Dispersed Customer with Location Based Mobile Display

Meet the Speakers

Dylan Kohlstädt


Dylan is a serial entrepreneur and speaker who knows how to use Digital Marketing and Social Media to grow businesses and build brands that people love.

She is the Founder and CEO of Shift ONE, a digital marketing agency with 14 full-time staff members. Dylan founded Shift ONE in 2011 and the Digital Marketing Academy in 2013.

With over 20 years of marketing and digital marketing management experience in gaming, insurance, financial and property industries, Dylan is considered a subject matter expert on all things digital.

She has extensive local and international experience (South Africa, UK and Australia), and has managed global and national brands in multiple languages and countries.

Dylan has her IMM (3 years) Marketing Diploma as well as an MBA through Unisa.

Buster Pitt


Buster Pitt

Business Positioning Systems

Buster Pitt is the Sales Director at Business Positioning Systems.

He has over 8 years experience in Media Sales and Management.

He strives to be a thought leader in Location Marketing, Local SEO, Digital Location Management and is an expert in Front-End Map Embedding across EMEA.

Daryl Van Arkel

Daryl Van Arkel is the CEO of Vicinity Media.

A season entrepreneur having launched five successful businesses in as many years across the media, advertising, technology, and transport sector.

In late 2013 he decided to build a bespoke location-based ad serving solution and mobile ad network that lead to the spin-off of our mobile solutions into a new company and Vicinity Media was born.


Franchise Marketing Managers’ Breakfast
The Cheese Has Moved
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