Mail & Guardian Cybercrimes & Cybersecurity Law workshop

Thu Jul 26, 08:30 - Thu Jul 26, 16:00
Glenhove Conference Centre, Johannesburg, 2196
Following the recent Liberty Holdings’ data breach, it is more critical than ever for organisations to seriously consider the impact that data breaches or cybercrimes might have on their businesses and clients.

Cyber crime is not a matter of “if” but “when” businesses will come under attack from hackers. Therefore, organisations must be ready now and take measures to mitigate the consequences of inevitable data breaches and risks.
What are some of the cyber risks? What are the implications on you, your organisation and clients if you don’t comply with cyber laws or if you act irresponsibly in today’s digital world? What are the proactive preventive measures to be implemented to limit your liabilities? How do you mitigate the business risk? What does the private sector need to do to get ready for the Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity Bill? What are the obligations on financial institutions, electronic communications service providers (ECSP) and businesses that have a critical information infrastructure (CII)?
If you do not wish to
  • Be investigated by the Information Regulator
  • Incur significant costs securing personal information after a breach
  • Pay millions in damages to data subjects who institute a civil class action
  • Be fined or jailed
  • Lose data
  • Suffer reputational damage
  • Lose customers and fail to attract new ones
  • Lose profits if business is interrupted and you cannot operate for a period of time
Then, it is pertinent that you attend this workshop to understand
  • Fundamentals and importance of Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity law
  • Legislation, implications, liabilities on business and directors
  • Impact on the processing of data
  • How to tackle offences committed
  • Case examples – the wins and the losses
  • Preventive steps
  • Compliance to mitigate risks
  • Security protocols and programmes in placed to deal with data breaches or cyber attacks
Corien Vermaak, LLB (Rau); LLM (Unisa)
IT law specialist by trade, Corien has spent many years working in ICT and representing multinationals. Corien specialise in ICT technologies and Network security. She is currently also completing studies towards becoming a certified Digital forensic auditor. Corien has been instrumental in assisting the Law Society of South Africa with seminars for legal practitioners regarding technology law and Cybercrime legislation. Corien has developed training in Cybersecurity and Data Protection and Audits in Large companies on these topics.  
Practitioners, professionals, consultants, providers, directors and executives from across industries involved in:
  • Cyber security/crime
  • Data privacy/database management
  • Legal
  • Information technology/security
  • Digital, online, social media
  • Operations
  • Finance
  • Risk
  • Forensic
  • Compliance and governance
  • Administration


Mail & Guardian Cybercrimes & Cybersecurity Law workshop
Glenhove Conference Centre, Johannesburg, 2196
52 Glenhove Rd, Johannesburg, 2196, South Africa
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