Power Series Workshops

Thu Jul 26, 09:00 - Thu Jul 26, 21:00
Atlantic Villa Boutique Hotel


Are you leading or simply managing? Have you been provided with the skills to inspire and empower your team? Do you feel that your ideas and creative juices have dried up? Sometimes we barely manage and we feel as if we are drowning and your teams simply don't perform as expected. The problem may be that you are not instilling the required trust in yourself as the leader and this could be because you have not been given the correct tools to do so. Join us for 3 hours of power packed insight into how you can lead your team to the next level and create high performance teams.

Brandt von West is an international speaker and trainer in Creative Leadership Techniques and will get your creative juices flowing again through some insightful techniques on how to expand your thinking as a leader
Rowan van Dyk is the author of several books on leadership and has more than 20 years experience in developoing dynamic leaders that gain the trust of their followers and empower and inspire them. 


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