Suits & Sneakers presents: Unlocking Innovation for Exponential Success with Mushambi Mutuma

Wed Jun 13, 18:00 - Wed Jun 13, 20:30


We are lucky enough to have Mushambi Mutuma join us specifically for this event. Mushambi is a speaker and leader in entrepreneurship and business, who shares insights on Tech, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, in order to build exponential brands and businesses of the future.

Synopsis of Mushambi's talk:
As human beings we live in a linear world. The way we think is defined by traditional, inherent survival instinct. For example, if we build one house per day, then in 30 days we will have 30 houses. However, the way the world is right now - the rapid pace of technology - is not linear. It’s exponential. Exponential thinking, the 10x mindset is a perspective shift that isn’t only the most impactful, but a necessity to handle the world’s exponential crises and growth.

Register to learn how to see exponential growth in the world and plan your personal life and business for the 10x level up.

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