Think Camp | GamesLab - Game Design with Scratch | Grade 1 to Grade 3 | 28 June

Thu Jun 28, 07:30 - Thu Jun 28, 14:30
St Andrew's School for Girls



Learn to code through making games in Scratch. This camp exposes younger children to powerful Computational Thinking Skills in a way that is exciting, engaging and most of all, fun! In this Think Camp, we will examine existing Scratch games and learn to understand what is going on beneath the hood. We will solve a number of problems that will teach the coding skills needed to construct our own games. Finally, we will develop our own interactive games and share them with our friends. Scratch is MIT’s flagship educational toolkit used to teach Computational Thinking to children. No prior coding or Scratch experience is required for this Camp.

Think Camp

What is Think Camp?
Think Camp teaches key 21st century skills in fun and energising full day camps during school holiday periods. On Think Camp, computer work is interspersed with frequent snack breaks (three per day), outdoor games (weather permitting) and exciting competitions. Powerful thinking skills such as Design and Lean Thinking are taught throughout, using carefully designed activities that compliment computer work and give participants the tools needed to master the world of tomorrow.

What time?
We understand parents’ busy lives, and so we offer you the option of flexible drop off and pick up times. Participants can be dropped off anytime between 7h30am and 8h00am and collected between 14h00 and 14h30.

What should we bring?
Busy minds get hungry! We ask participants to bring along their favourite brain food so that they keep alert and awake.
All our venues have superb tech facilities and participants will be working on Windows PCs, so there is no need to bring any additional high-tech devices.

What happens at the end of the day? 
Participants are always eager to show off what they have been working on during the day and so we invite all parents to come and see their incredible work anytime between 14h00 or 14h30.
Participants can continue their awesome work at home! We encourage participants to bring their own flash drives so that they can save their work and keep creating!


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Think Camp | GamesLab - Game Design with Scratch | Grade 1 to Grade 3 | 28 June
St Andrew's School for Girls
Princess of Wales Terrace, Parktown, Johannesburg, 2193, South Africa
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