Future Females I The Business of Being Me Workshop Series - :)

Thu Jun 28, 18:30 - Thu Sep 27, 20:30

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Join Future Females and Rochelle Jane Coaching in our latest event series “The Business of Being Me”. We invite you to give yourself permission to work on your most important asset…..YOU.
Space is limited to 20 humans per session. Life is journey to be lived, live it well, live it now, get the tools to help you understand "YOU" better.
You can join all 4 sessions or chose a topic that resonates and meets you where you are right now in your personal journey.

“The Business of Being Me” is a 4-part series of self-investment workshops, which will result in you having the tools that you need to be able to “run your business of being you”.
The media today promotes a desire to constantly be positive, to shake off the blues and keep pressing on. While this is a great vision, it is making us be less ok with not being ok. This idea takes away from knowing that it is good to get challenged, feel like you are being tested and get confused or upset. All of these “less than desirable” feelings are when our growth takes place and so need to be acknowledged and worked with.
As you would a successful business, to run our lives and ourselves to our best abilities, we need to take stock of why we function the way that we do. We need to identify what growth has taken place from previous challenges, how this will equip us for future challenges and where we should be investing in to connect with the flourishing being that we were always meant to be.
28th June 2018 - Workshop 1: Learn a Living: Invest in your Mental Health 
Have you ever felt so passionate about something that you have wanted to start your own business around it? Deciding how you want it to be, what you need to invest into it and what goals you would need to achieve to keep it running successfully? Have you ever considered that running your life can be done in exactly the same way?  We can decide what we want to bring to the table, part 1 helps you identify where you are in your current circumstance and helps you know where you want to be. Here we will begin the journey of building your business of being the most optimally functioning you. 
19th July 2018 - Workshop 2: Investment Plan: setting goals and a growth plan 
A goal without a plan is just a dream. In part 1, we identified what you dream to bring to the table. In part 2 we create a plan to make your dream an achievable goal, one step at a time. 
So many of us make the mistake of seeing our final vision as our first goal and then struggle to know which step to take to get started. Learning to set smaller 
goals is the key to achieving the vision of success that you see for yourself. 
23rd August 2018 - Workshop 3: Blue Print: (insert your name) the Builder, can you build it? (insert your name) the Builder, YES YOU CAN. 
In part 1 and part 2 you connected with who you want to be, and learnt how to get you there. In part 3 we press play. 
Building yourself up will not happen in a 90-minute workshop. It will happen every hour you spend on your life going forward. Therefore, equipping yourself with the mental and emotional tools you need is essential in building your business of being you, that will live on and grow with you. 
27th September 2018 - Workshop 4: Open for Business: Open.Mine.Did 
The Business of Being Me is not a once off challenge, which gets achieved and banked. This is an on-going journey as life evolves around us. The success of your being is dependent on the quality of the questions that you constantly ask yourself. 
Keeping yourself open and accountable to flourishing with what you have is the key to successfully being you. 
Learn how to stay on top of life’s daunt and flaunt what you have grown. 
Learn a Living, invest in the abundance of mental health 
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