5Kg's in 5 Weeks

Mon Nov 9, 07:00 - Tue Dec 15, 17:00
Comfort of your own home


We are excited about getting you into shape before December 2020!! Please read through all the information. By entering the challenge, you agree to all the terms and conditions as stated here. Please don’t hesitate to ask if anything is unclear.

Starting Date: Monday, November 9th, 2020

Duration: 5 weeks (November - December )

Entry Fee: R110 & Your Nutrition Plan Option You Choose.

*Not open to existing Independent Herbalife members not part of the Yes You Can organisation already registered with Herbalife. Tickets are Non-Refundable.

You will need

This #5Kg in 5 Weeks is run by Independent Herbalife Members. Please speak to the Member who invited you onto this challenge about your nutritional program.

You will also need resistance bands or hand weights (if you are planning home workouts).

The Challenge will include:

  • Meal Plan and Shopping List
  • Exercise program (Level 1, 2 and 3)
  • Additional tips for best results
  • A Secret Facebook Group and Support
  • WhatsApp Support
  • You want to get yourself an Accountability Partner to whom you will account to daily for your exercise and nutrition. Invite them to join you on this Challenge.

Exercise plan will require:

  • 3 days per week commitment (starting at level 1, working up to level 3)
  • Weight Training (resistance bands/hand weights if you are going to train at home)
  • HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)
  • A longer cardio session (a 3-5km run like a Parkrun would be ideal)
  • If you already belong to a gym, you can incorporate all these elements to your existing routine

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  Your Herbalife Nutrition Plan Options:

Here are your 3 options for the nutrition plan you need: 

Option 1:- Breakfast only - R27.83 per breakfast = (for 30 days) TOTAL R835

1 x Shake - Vanilla

1 x Tea - peach, raspberry, lemon, original (50g)

Option 2: - Weight Control - Replacement of 1 Meal - R61.55/ meal =  

(For 30 days) TOTAL R1,461

1 x Shake - Strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, choc mint, cookies and cream, Banana, Cafè Latte and Raspberry Blueberry. 

1x Tea - peach, raspberry, lemon, original (50g)

1 x Multi Fiber (Cleanse and soothes digestive tract)

Option 3: - Advanced weight loss program –- Replacement of 2 Meals - R48.18 /meal or R96.37 per day (for 30 days) TOTAL R1,891

2x Shakes - Strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, choc mint, cookies and cream, Banana, Cafè Latte and Raspberry Blueberry.

1x PDM - Protein Drink Mix  Adding extra protein

1x Tea - peach, raspberry, lemon, original (50g)

1 x Multi Fiber (Soothes and Cleanses digestive tract)


Which plan are you going to select?

Please feel free to contact your Coach that invited you to this page if you need to discuss your nutrition plan with us or contact our Staff Members, Liesl Malherbe on 074 898 1442, Shannon on 082 945 9012 or Carl on 072 1155 978.

Once you have picked your nutrition plan, please EFT the payment to your coach and use your name and surname as reference.

Please contact your coach with the address you want your nutrition program to be delivered to and the flavour product.

1. If you feel that your weight and body fat is in check and you just want to fix your breakfast (Breakfast skipper), your Herbalife breakfast plan is R27.83 per breakfast. R835/4 weeks

2. If you want to Maintain your weight and Detox and Cleanse your body, your nutrition plan works out to R61.55 per meal per day. R1,461/4 weeks

3. Want to step it up a notch? We have the Advanced Weight Loss plan at R48.18 per meal or R96.37 per day for two of your meals per day! This plan gives you added protein to build that lean muscle mass and burn body fat quicker! R1,891/4 weeks

You purchase your Herbalife Nutrition pack for the 5 weeks from your Independent Herbalife Coach, who will be in contact with you as soon as you have purchased your Entry Ticket.

Accountability is the cornerstone of this program!

  • Install the free app on your phone “see how you eat” so that you can easily communicate with your accountability partner (Optional)

NB - By entering the challenge you also agree to keep all information, meal plans, exercise routines and ANY information regarding this challenge only between the participants in the challenge, and not share it with people outside the group. 

If your body fat is more than 25% (female) and 20% (male) - you will most likely have to do 2x back to back Challenges to reveal your six-pack. 

We look forward to meeting you inside the Secret Facebook Group and teaching you how to build a super six pack! (*More than one challenge might be needed to have a visible six pack).

Additional information

Age restriction Family friendly
Refund policy No refunds


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