Mail & Guardian Gamification - Driving engagement & improving business performance

Tue Jul 31, 08:30 - Tue Jul 31, 16:00
Glenhove Conference Centre
Gamification is essentially the concept of applying game-design elements and principles to non-game scenarios to make them more interactive, engaging and fun. The use of game mechanics like points, badges, challenges, levels, leader boards and avatars help motivate actions that can ultimately add value to the organisation and business.
Games are immersive and addictive by nature. When these elements are applied to a business function, product or service through gamification, they help drive user engagement and adoption rates

In this regard, gamification offers huge opportunities and benefits for:
  • marketing
  • brand building
  • customer experience and retention
  • rewards and loyalty programme
  • learning and development
  • recruitment
  • employee engagement
  • call/contact centre management
  • sales training
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M&G will bring together business practitioners, experts and solutions providers to unpack issues, share experiences, debate challenges and discuss best practices:
Agenda discussion include
  • Why and how to venture into gamified marketing?
  • How can mobile games used to strengthen brands awareness, loyalty and customer experience?
  • After the purchase, how do you optimise customer retention through gamification?
  • How to use gamification to deliver exceptional learning experience?
  • How to create a gaming element to enhance employees engagement?
  • How can gamification provide insights about candidates in the recruitment process?
  • How can gamified sales KPIs increase business bottom line?
  • Who do you partner with to ensure the broadest reach and meaningful engagement?
  • Is gamification suitable for every brand and organisation?
  • What are the cost-effective measures and methods to gamify your business function?
  • What are the success stories and pitfalls to avoid?
  • How do you measure the ROIs and what is the impact of gamification on business performance?
Directors, VPs, Heads, Senior Managers, Managers and Executives from across sectors in charge of:
  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • Sales
  • Customer experience and retention
  • Rewards and loyalty programme
  • Human resources/capital
  • Employee engagement
  • Recruitment
  • Talent management
  • Learning & development
  • Call/contact centre
Speakers confirmed to date:
  • Michelle Ward, HR Manager, Bestmed Medical Scheme
  • Joe Van Niekerk, Chief Operating Officer, Discovery Vitality
  • Grant Field, Chief Executive Officer, FedGroup
  • Tom Manners, Managing Director, Clockwork Media
  • Henk Swanepoel, Chief Marketing Officer, Digitata Insights
  • Deirdre Jensen, Managing Director, Creative Collaborator and Learning Specialist, Game2Change
  • Kevin Distiller, Managing Director, Odyssey Talent Management
  • Martin Lamberti, Founder, Rapid Sales Growth
  • Gerrit Stimie, Chief Executive Officer, Scubed

Event will be moderated by Michael Avery, Anchor, Classic Business, Classic FM.
Case study
Incentivising employees to boost business bottom line using gamification
  • Predictability involvement growth (PIG)
  • FedTropolis based on Minecraft game
  • Enhancing ownership and accountability by employees
  • Improving morale and working standard
  • Achieving predictable measurements and growth
(Grant Field, Chief Executive Officer, FedGroup)

Gamification for marketing, brand building and customer loyalty
  • Successfully applying gaming elements into a marketing campaign
  • Strengthening brand and inspiring customer loyalty
  • Driving user engagement and adoption rates
  • Incentive assertiveness
  • Partnership to expand variation of rewards
  • Influencing customers’ behaviour and engagement
  • Measuring benefits and ROI
  • Boundaries, risks and pitfalls to avoid
  • Achieving business objectives, improving branding and improving business performance
Success of Discovery Vitality’s rewards-based programmes using gamification technology 
(Joe Van Niekerk, Chief Operating Officer, Discovery Vitality)

Case studies on Unilever’s Sunlight Smart Water Saver Game and Mastercard’s Masterpass Race
(Henk Swanepoel, Chief Marketing Officer, Digitata Insights)

Case study on Standard Bank’s rollout of Microsoft 365 -  gamified internal communication
  • Gamified learning process – do’s and don’t’s
  • Success factors for user education campaign
  • Getting the buy-in and measuring the outcome
(Tom Manners, Managing Director, Clockwork Media)

Case studies on gamification in organisational learning
  • Importance of gamification in learning for tomorrow’s workforce
  • When to use analogue games, digital content gamification and structural gamification
  • Focus areas when designing your gamification approach
  • Key learnings from implementation of gamification
  • Tools and resources for further exploration
(Deirdre Jensen, Managing Director, Creative Collaborator and Learning Specialist, Game2Change)

Gamification in HR – why, how and outcome
  • Successful gaming methods and techniques
  • Attracting and retaining top talent
  • Gamifying recruitment assessment
  • Recognition programme and critical success factors
  • Enhancing employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Motivation and inspiration for goal achievement
  • Rewards and instant feedback
  • Improving workforce performance
Employee mind space: Origin of employee engagement
(Gerrit Stimie, Chief Executive Officer, Scubed)

Enhancing employee engagement through recognition
(Michelle Ward, HR Manager, Bestmed Medical Scheme)

(Kevin Distiller, Managing Director, Odyssey)

Gamified sales KPIs to increase business bottom line
  • Designing gamification to improve sales performance
  • Impact on your sales initiatives
  • Case studies, benefits, avoiding pitfalls and measuring the ROIs
(Martin Lamberti, Founder, Rapid Sales Growth)


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Mail & Guardian Gamification - Driving engagement & improving business performance
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