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Join us for this very important fundraiser to Secure the Jugomaro Cats!! - Rusty Hook Honeydew 10 June 2018.
Live music, auction, merchandise, food, drinks etc. on the day!
(Donations welcomed - Inbox Blendit Entertainment)
It'll only cost you R100 to get in, kids under 12 is free!
Tickets will be available online and at the venue!
Here's some background:
Jugomaro Predator Park SA 2.0 and the Fernandes Family - Justin Fernandes, Rosa Fernandes and Dad Goosey Fernandes started with the rescue of a baby Bengal tiger 10 years ago in Springs - Panjo. The family saw the suffering of big cats to back yard breeders, abuse, neglect and purchased property near Groblersdal to give these rescues a sanctuary. They saved 6 lions (incl 4 white lions), 10 tigers (incl Golden Tabby & 1 Snow Tiger) , 3 Caraculs and a pack of Canadian Timber Wolves. In 2015, due to lack of funding, they lost their farm and the bank repossessed. During the process of moving out they lost 3 tigers, 1 caracul and the whole pack of wolves but 1, due to trauma and an overdose of anesthesia. The cats had to be moved to a small farm of a friend where the family lived in a caravan for 2 years, fighting everyday for a better life for their cats. They could have sold their cats and had a better life for themselves, but they would rather have stayed in that caravan if it meant their cats were safe and cared for. In 2017, a generous donor gave them a farm in Vaal Water, where they could start building a new sanctuary for these majestic beasts. Obviously building up a farm again takes some time and without proper security, 25 May 2018, 1 White Lion, the Golden Tabby Tiger and 2 African Lions were poisoned for reasons not known.
STATS: Less than 20,000 African lions are left in the wild in SA. We cannot trust farms in SA as canned hunting is rife and we never know who is involved in perpetuating the cycle. Less than 300 White Lions are left IN THE WORLD. 33 Golden Tabby Tigers are left IN THE WORLD. Only 3890 Tigers are left in the WORLD
WE NEED YOUR HELP TO RAISE MONEY FOR SECURITY!!! We know where the money is going to, we know it will be spent wisely and there will be no misappropriation of funds!
All bands and artists TBA soon!

When and where?

Rusty Hook
22 Wilge Street
Amberfield Heights
South Africa

Sun 10 Jun 2018 at 9:00 AM (SAST)
Sun 10 Jun 2018 at 7:00 PM (SAST)

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Blendit Entertainment