Slow Life presents Jitsvinger

Sat Jun 16, 20:00 - Sat Jun 16, 22:00
Rolling Wood Surf and Skate Store


This year’s Youth Day will see a memorable performance by Afrikaans cultural activist and musician, Jitsvinger at Rolling Wood Surf & Skate Store in Muizenberg on 16 June 2018. The event will headline Strategis, a track from the Jitsologie EP, which pays tribute to the 1985 Trojan Horse Massacre, a historical event that led to the killing of three youths during an anti-apartheid protest in Athlone. 


The Slow Life event will also premiere his latest video, as a prequel to the Knapgat series of remixes from his Jitsologie EP. 


“I am really looking forward to this performance and the launch of the Knapgat series of remixes. The audience can definitely look forward to an audiovisual adventure through rhymes, riffs and remixes from my debut album, to the most recent releases,” said Quintin Goliath, also known as Jitsvinger. 


“Hip hop rapper, singer, 

Composer, poet, not a dozer, 

Mover shaker, Cape dope rap slick bulldozer, 

Earth mover and so we chooser, ” 

exclaimed Paul Kahanovitz, from Rollingwood Surf and Skate Store in response to the upcoming gig. 


“The Knapgat series is an extension of the Jitsologie EP, named after the Afrikaans slang term for cool: jits and based as a study - Jitsologie - on what it means to be cool, wherever you may find yourself. The remixes are especially aimed at the youth to encourage their own authenticity and identity through music,” concluded Jitsvinger. 


The event will be hosted by local actress Kay Smith and the audience can also look forward to the sounds of old school inspired mixes by DJ Fingaz and Vintage Blue.


Slow Life presents Jitsvinger
Rolling Wood Surf and Skate Store
4 York Rd, Muizenberg, Cape Town, 7950, South Africa
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